25 thoughts on “Duck (My wife, 30y)

  1. Not gonna lie, it took me a second. I did see a picture elsewhere on Reddit today of a chick born with 4 legs, maybe she can use that as an excuse?

  2. Next time I’m at the store buying duck drumsticks, I’ll be sure to ask the clerk if they are front or back legs.

  3. A Chinese restaurant in California that I went to years ago served that breed in their Peking duck. Four legs and two long necks. I counted them while it was still hanging.

  4. When I was 3 years old or something there was a situation: my father asked how many legs does cockroach have (I don’t remember the context, so haven’t any idea why. Some education, I suppose) and I answer 4. After being punished for being an idiot I came back with a proof: some stupid painter draw an anthropomorphic cockroach in a kid’s book with 4(!) fucking legs.

  5. This is wonderful, it gave me a full-on belly laugh this morning and I struggled not to wake the house. I don’t know what it is about a four legged duck that does this but dang.

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