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28 thoughts on “Congratulations to the weekend on a great Super Bowl halftime performance.

  1. Completely out of the loop. Why is this funny?

    Edit: I’m not from USA (only understood that this is USA centric from the Superbowl reference in the replies)

  2. Omg! I loved him as the parking lot attendant in that episode of Frasier where Fraiser tried to take an absolute nonsense moral standing against paying the fee when he just pulled in for two seconds and then immediately tried to leave because he decided not to park.

  3. I met Luis in Sauté Fe and he couldn’t have been a nicer guy. We drank great tequila for a couple hours at a very empty bar. I only brought up he acting once and it was when he was the kitchen manager in waiting.

  4. Man, I miss SB halftime shows that had bands like Wings, Tom Petty, U2, and Prince.

    I mean, I get it. The times have definitely changed and I’m not faulting them for going with more entertainment directed acts these day. But man, I still miss those days.

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