22 thoughts on “Custom deck, right on budget.

  1. Welcome to White Trash Sandals, located just hours from Myrtle Beach. Join us at the Firepit Bar and Grille for our 8 dollarest bottle of wine and freshly made pizza rolls.

  2. Hear me out.

    Get a 4″ deep plastic kiddie pool that with fir in the square. Get a shallow metal wash tub that the fire pit will fit in. Get some larger gravel to put a single layer between the plastic tub and the metal one. Get a fire going and you could soak your feet in warm water while roasting food on sticks.

    If you want an up grade to a fire pit like that use an old wash tub from a machine. The holes on the sides allow air in to keep the fire burning bright without sparks flying out the sides. Some have tope the same size as the round grills, so you can use the replacement grill wires on it.

  3. That wouldn’t look half bad with some kind of porch/floor enamel with non slip additive and a decorative concrete border.

  4. would never trust this many pallets near a fire, they go up like they are painted with rocket fuel and gunpowder.

  5. Look man, if you’re not going to show the Trans Am up on cinder blocks in the front yard then don’t post this up.

  6. Your pallets are too close to the fire pit and you should rake the dead plants and debris from under them so it doesnt catch on a spark.

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