43 thoughts on “Hey do you guys like NoStAlGiA?? [oc]

  1. Also “the equalizer” “the equalizer” “the equalizer” “the equalizer” “the equalizer” “the equalizer”

  2. Legit, I made a remark last night about how many ads were just a random celebrity in some persons home. Seriously, just a couple in their house with a celebrity selling them the new smart home app or delivery app. So. Many.

  3. Trunk Monkey, GoDaddy, Real Men of Genius, anything Doritos, Budweiser, Bud Light…

    Instead, we get flat Matt McConaughey, and plenty of “in case 2020 wasn’t enough of a downer for you, here’s some more sap!”

  4. Hey, I thought the GM commercial with Will Ferrell going after the nordic states for EVs was pretty clever!

  5. It was mostly pandering to existing fanbases. Corporations be drinking ‘Member Berries Juice by the gallon

  6. That Cheetos commercial was actually ruined by the celebrities. If you just had two random actors and Shaggy it would be a million times better.

  7. The budlight commercial that was so lazy they just reused all their old ideas and then said budlight at the end.

  8. I liked Sam Jackson getting eaten by a shark (deep blue sea callback ) as it was unexpected

    The rest was just meh

  9. I didn’t even realize the shirt face was Jason Alexander until the end. And even then, Jason Alexander somehow still didn’t look like Jason Alexander.

  10. Did the Alexa ad make anyone else uncomfortable?

    A woman fantasizing about a younger man with her husband around weirded me out. I mean, if she was single, fine whatever, but having her husband in the commercial was just…not cool. Was that supposed to be funny?

    I mean, can you imagine if it was the other way around? A man fantasizing about a much younger more attractive woman while his wife tries to win him back? How creepy and sleezy would that be?

    Idk maybe I’m weird.

  11. The only one that made me genuinly laugh was the one with Will Ferrell in the car one. Why did they have to make “dRaKe FroM sTaTeFarM”.

  12. Puppy monkey baby was the last creative super bowl ad. No celebrities and it was just bizaare which made it funny

  13. Uber eats killing small business then advertising like they support small business is hilariously hypocritical

  14. the cringe was heavy this year. the Wayne’s World ad was straight up painful. the room fell dead silent for a solid couple minutes after that one.

  15. I thought the Paralympic commercial was great but I was hoping it would promote adoption instead of…toyota?

  16. Ad companies: Please make these in to a meme and do our jobs for us! We gave you random celebrities, you love random celebrities!

  17. We muted the commercials shit was just way too depressing. Like I get it life happens but ffs I just wanted to enjoy the game and a break from the real world.

  18. “The ads weren’t as good as the previous years!” – everyone every year

    The reason being is that you remember the one or two good ads and forget the sea of mediocre and bad ones.

    The one thing I believe really lacked this year were movie trailers. But that was to be expected due to many productions shutting down.

  19. Worst commercials in years. If it wasn’t for Mahomes getting folded the whole superbowl would have been a wash.

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