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28 thoughts on “i know it’s petty but i’m bitter cause i’m single lol

  1. You have to actually have a valentine to like Valentine’s Day.

    Unless you have a thing for the holiday-specific candy stores sell around this time. It’s not like they can refuse to sell it to you if you’re going to eat it yourself, after all…

  2. funny story… when i went to the grocery this morning, a middle aged guy who was in front of me in line to the cashier bought a pack of condoms and i thought to myself “what a lucky guy”… then as i was paying the cashier for my items, this woman who was next to me in line (i think she was about my age, in her 20’s) grabbed a pack of strawberry flavored condoms and i was like “damn, i guess i’m the only one who’s not getting laid”… and it’s not even valentines day yet

  3. Sorry for being dense, but can someone please explain the joke? I totally do not understand why the guy is in a full hazmat suit.

  4. This is the ace-aros. This is the holi-month where everyone does their routine charades of doubting you exist and creating social pressure to like things you don’t like.

    “You just haven’t found the right one.”

    “Are you just secretly gay and too embarrassed to come out?”

    “It’s because you’ve never tried it.”

  5. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it at some point. I’m 45. Have been single on Valentines for all but 4 years of my life. After a while, you just stop caring.

  6. I never cared about Valentine’s day when I was in a relationship. Like, at all. Neither did my boyfriend, which was great. Now that I’m single, I care. Why am I this way.

  7. It’s a dumb holiday anyways. Don’t worry about it. I’m with someone and we don’t celebrate. I’d rather get random affection than forced affection. Going all out because “you have to” doesn’t mean anything. Going all out because you want to, oh yeah.

  8. You dont know how good youve got it. Heartaches from a broken heart be real. Some relationships be making you wish you were single and even when you are, you still experience heartaches

  9. Not single and this resonates with me. To be fair in my 16 years of marriage we’ve only done the valentines thing once… but its never made me feel particularly grinch-like as it does this year.

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