20 thoughts on “If I was a Alien, I wouldn’t visit either LoL

  1. I wonder how far along they are. And how many other planets are too stupid. And can we dominate those stupid planets. Maybe they have spices and silk or oil. Maybe they need my religion.

  2. Aliens view us as ants. It wasn’t until we started messing with atomic bombs that they started visiting us again. They said oh shit the ants have something going on let’s go check that out

  3. This is a bit similar to posts I see on my fb feed: “were to stupid for aliens to visit us”. Also, “click like if you were beaten as a child and turned out ok”.

  4. Well they have probably observed that we put a tremendous amount of effort into killing each other over our minor differences, so why would they want to make any introductions if they are different from us?

  5. In Frank Miller’s Dark Knight series, the Green Lantern told Batman that aliens don’t attack Earth because, “Who would be crazy enough to attack a planet that has its most powerful weapons aimed at itself?”

  6. Wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a giant sign outside the solar system: “Danger, unsafe planet, keep out”

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