26 thoughts on “Shout out to the officials for carrying the buccs through the first half

  1. I’m a Chiefs fan and am from the area. As much as I hate to say this, we just played a shitty game tonight dude. Butker was the only reason we got points and Mahomes had to run away from the pocket too much.

  2. …wasn’t her job to determine where the ball is at the end of the play? How many penalties did she call? Do you even know?

  3. KC penalties were justifiable. TB may have got away with some things KC didn’t, but at the end of the day TB outplayed KC, both ways.

  4. Was rooting for Chiefs, but in no way do I put any blame on the refs. He’ll, KCs defense was just another 11 TB players on the field all night long.

  5. Damn you salty. Buccaneers smashed the Chiefs. Most calls were good. Were a few ticky tacky calls, and several that weren’t called. Chiefs made a lot of mistakes.

  6. JPP was getting held all game, Chiefs oline were tackling defenders out there and they still lost! Brady is the Goat! TB12! LFG

  7. Man football players love to fucking anime about how their loss wasn’t deserved.

    Soccer has flopping, football has whiny bitches.

  8. Mahomes was too slow passing the ball for first 3 quarter…he hesitate n hesitate n run way back n throw a Hail Mary before being tackled.

  9. Ahaha .. as someone on the other side of the world, who didn’t see all of the game, or even really understand the rules .. the sentiment is understood and universal 😉

    “Next Year” is my teams consolation tagline .. every .. bloody .. year !

  10. Ok you moron chiefs fans and/or brady haters are great. Living rent free in your already limited capacity heads is worth everything

  11. Nobody here is going to mention the butchering of the National Anthem? that was as bad as this broad’s performance

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