42 thoughts on “This Man’s custom jersey

  1. I think it’s funny. And of course he’s not wearing a mask, it’s Florida, I was in Pinellas County recently and literally NO ONE cares down there. It’s the Wild West.

  2. But why? It’s not funny, it’s not clever and I therefore grant him fucktard status. Or even worse, Trumpkin.

  3. I was curious to see if you could order one off NBA.com sounds March/April but wouldn’t allow the name Covid

  4. Do I upvote or downvote? Nothing about 2020 or COVID is funny. Lacking more context, and no mask- enjoy the blue dagger

  5. You wanna talk about some who as over-performed this year…back in March, most people thought he would be a distant memory by the time the season even started. Now, the day of the super bowl, no one has had a bigger impact of the league all year.

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