18 thoughts on “WE MADE THE SUPER BOWL

  1. I think that’s actually really good marketing. It’s a real, “Good for you Glenn Coco” moment for Reddit.

  2. Did.. the largest, most populated, forum/online community on the internet, just refer to itself as “the underdog”???

  3. It went by so quickly, it reminded my of the spliced-in scenes Tyler Durdin would add to movies in Fight Club.

  4. Great job I have the next marketing plan.

    Step 1. Invest marketing budget into stock
    Step 2. Get Reddit users to stage a couple drive up the price
    Step 3. Profit

  5. I think that’s actually a really good marketing idea. It’s a real, “Good for you Glenn Coco” moment for Reddit.

  6. Let’s be real hell. Reddit is a shithole, controlled by some childish man who ADMITTED to freely editing posts of people he doesn’t like, equating what he does to sticking pins a in a voodoo doll, referencing/hinting at the ability to rig/control elections, silencing people who speak up, making it impossible to report shitty mods/reddits and so much more.

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