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  1. It’s not limited to heights. It’s a phenomena that ensures that you don’t do something dangerous by consciously thinking about it. That’s what we evolved imagination for. Mothers for example will sometimes think about throwing their children down the stairs and as a response they’ll hold them closer to ensure it does not happen.

    It’s perfectly normal.

  2. This is why Amigara fault by junji ito works so well, the call of the void is depicted in a nice way, albeit exaggerated bc, yknow, it’s a horror manga

  3. There is evidence for something like islands of consciousness in the brain. In our minds, there is more than one thing that thinks/wants, and they do not usually agree with one another, but one dominates the rest.

    Intrusive thoughts may be the real desires that a suppressed part of the brain is attempting to realize.

  4. Yeah pretty relatable. One time I was on a plane for a nice fun vacation and I was enjoying myself until my stupid brain went, “Hey! I wonder what would happen if something were to happen to this plane and everyone gets killed?” WTH??

  5. That same voice comes around when you randomly wish to inflict harm on others. Or do something entirely degrading.

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