28 thoughts on “Wizard’s Duel

  1. Fr tho, Rowling kinda messed up when she made a spell that just kills people. Sick wizard duels with goofy spells unconventional means of both attack and defense would’ve been much more interesting

  2. Except for Harry’s bitch ass over there using Expelliarmas and stupefy like a lil bitch. They’re trying to kill everyone and take over the world Harry, knocking their wands out of their hands isn’t gonna do shit

  3. Wizard detective: What do we have here?

    Wizard cop: Well, there appears to be two small round holes through the victim’s head on both sides. No spell could do this.

    Wizard detective: Damn, another cold case to the file.

    Arthur Weasley: Actually, there are Muggle weapons called guns that could be—

    Wizard detective: Hey, Muggle weirdo, we’ll ask you for your opinion

  4. “I fear not the man who has practiced 1 million (spells) once, I fear the man who has practiced one (spell) a million times.”

  5. This reminds me of the methods of rationality (A rationalist version of the Harry Potter books) where the dark arts teacher throws out the entire curriculum and tells the children that it’s idiotic to fight a troll with sunlight when you can just cast a spell that kills anything and that can’t be blocked or cured.

    That for any magical monster you should just use the killing curse and if you’re fighting an adult wizard apparate out of there.

  6. i like terry pratchett on Wizzard duels where he says it’s frowned upon as it’s often hard to tell which of the smoking piles of ash is the winner.

  7. A super rich world filled with enticing lore yet everyone from the bottom dwellers to the fazeWuzardos uses the same handful of spells like some kind of meta. And wizarding duels turn from one’s knowledge of defensive and offensive arts pitched against another’s to lobbing glowy orbs at each other like high-speed snow ball fights.

  8. i refuse to believe there’s only one death spell in harry potter world. you telling me you cant induce cardiac arrest, or cause someone to bleed so hard out of their ass that they die of anemia? harry made his cousin get so bloated with gas that he started floating… that just opens up a pandoras box of potential body horror shit.

  9. As far as magic systems in fantasy goes, Harry Potter is probably the worst.

    Still a good story though.

  10. I never liked that Avada Kedavra was literally unblockable.. Like what the hell. Seems meta as fuck.

    So if someone decides to kill you, tough tiddies you’re dead now?

  11. I’m glad we’re all here and gathered. I’ve thought about this A LOT and wanted to know your opinions or if there’s information out there explaining this that I haven’t come across.

    In book 7, HP disarms Draco making D’s wand now HPs wand. D’s wand changed it’s allegiance.

    Does this (changing allegiance rule) apply only in combat situations or in any situation. There was a part in book 5 where the members of the DA were practicing expelliarmus (disarming your opponent spell). Did this rule apply here? If not, what exactly makes this rule only apply to in combat situations. Does the wand magically know?

    I think about this way too much.

  12. I dunno, Molly Weasley did some crazy like dehydration beam on Bellatrix that while not the killing curse seemed to accomplish the end result just fine.

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