16 thoughts on “My Dad got his final vaccine today and…..

  1. I hate this “I believe in science” stuff. Science isn’t a religion. It’s not something you believe in or not. Science is sets of data or facts that experts in their fields use to draw conclusions off of. It’s not a belief, and those conclusions are not infallible.

  2. I’m not listening to your dad, he only believes in science. That’s why we never win!

    Dang OP, sorry non of these commenters get the joke. It’s actually pretty funny

  3. Yet the vaccine only claims efficacy of boosting antibodies as its ‘90% effective’ and makes no claims to prevent spread nor does it claim to prevent deaths or severity of symptoms…and Mr Gates says you may need 3 shots now so likely not the final one.

  4. Well… he almost got it right. There is no belief in science, there is only fact, postulation and theory.

    All else is unecessary noise.

    Therefore, for precision: I know science is correct.

  5. If people wanna take vaccine that skipped animal trials has marriad of side effects. Go ahead. But don’t force that shit on people. Who want to exercise caution, and are not as cavilear with there lives. I always tell people read insert in the vaccine box. You will be shocked. If it give face paralysis or auto immune disorder or even kills you no liability by vaccine maker.

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