32 thoughts on “A 4 year old at my school just told me they liked my minion costume. These are just my clothes.

  1. One of the women I work with (we are preschool teachers) always dresses in farmer jeans and a yellow shirt. She is from a different country but speaks English well. On her first day I said “hey! The kids are gonna love it you look like a minion” and she looked at me confused and asked me what I meant. So I googled minions and showed her and she cried and said “I’m not fat and I have 2 eyes” and I felt so bad and said sorry, but then because I’m an asshole I offered her a banana. Some of my kids got the joke and giggled. She hates me still but she still wears the outfit every week.

  2. I was substitute teaching in a kindergarten class (5 year olds) and one of the kids asked if I was sure I was a grown up. (She has a sister in high school who isn’t too much younger than me.)

  3. The unevenly shaved patches of facial hair, oh goodness sweetheart. I’m sure it’s hard being the only kid with facial hair at your school!

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