27 thoughts on “A real mussel car

  1. Zebra mussels are an extremely invasive species that attach like this to boats and explode in population to other bodies of water.

  2. This picture reminds me of the story posted about a month ago. A mother lost her child. They’re car they were driving was found at the bottom of a river. Service would not retrieve the car because it would be too difficult/hazardous to achieve. Independent drivers went to the car, confirmed the doors and windows were shut and locked but could not see inside to confirm if there was a body. At that point the parents knew. Their child was in there and at least the mystery could be ended. They worked through the night to pull out the vehicle and the last I saw was the video of the vehicle being risen above the water line. I imagine the child was inside.

    Basically, there’s a story behind most every picture. Not always the best.

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