40 thoughts on “A WORLD Record!

  1. Once heard a story from a firefighter (CalFire so very very different from your average city firefighter) who would spend weeks on the lines in summer. They just camped. Not other options.

    But they ate these MREs that made you shit logs as long as your forearm. She told me the crew would have competitions on who could get the longest. Cause I mean you’re just shitting in the woods right? Said you’d have people squatting and taking little baby steps so it would form a straight line.

    She was an odd bird.

  2. The largest I’ve witnessed was approximately the diameter of regulation NFL football. Slightly shorter though. It was quite an impressive sight and as far as I am aware it sat unclaimed and unflushed.

  3. My senior year of high school towards the end of the day, word spread that this MASSSIVE turd was clogging the toilet to the boys locker. I’m not exaggerating when I say that the locker room was packed with guys with a LINE leading out of the locker room and down the long ass hall. It had to of been almost every guy in school in line. I said we should been charging and admission fee. One of the weirder experiences I’ve had.

  4. This is so weird… I just put a post-it note on the toilet seat lid that says, don’t flush. I put bleach down and leave it overnight and I do it so my woman doesn’t get bleach on her fofo in a morning daze.

  5. This is one of those moments where you think you’ve done well, but there will be a pro out there that will totally dominate you!!!

  6. I’m intrigued! Tape-worm struggling for its life? Pubic hair floating on surface? Ball sack in bowl after self-castration and the Vas Deferens are super long?

  7. Going to start putting signs like these in the public bathroom, imagine you open the stall at Walmart and you see this sign

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