26 thoughts on “Adding googly eyes to falconry hoods makes them 100% better

  1. When I was driving a few mornings ago, there was a red tailed hawk eating something he had caught in the middle of my lane. I figured it would fly as I got closer, but no. It stayed where it was. I slowed way down and got in the other lane. (little 2 lane country road) As I passed it slowly, it stood up tall and gave me the “I will fuck you up” flat eyebrow look through the passenger window.

  2. Googly eyes have been around for decades.


    Why are we just now learning of this? All that falconry time is just wasted.

  3. Yo I thought the hood was a fucking condom and the birds head was inflated because of pressure lmao I need a new brain

  4. i had a surprising response to this image. i was like “how rude of them to do that to such a dignified being.” i’m low-key scandalized on behalf of the bird.

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