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  1. As a kid i could not imagine what the big deal was with us messing around with the lights or windows. As a dad I am surprised at how annoying i find it…

  2. Damn. I live in India and it’s exactly same over her too. Is their some kind of world alliance of dad’s or something?

  3. My father once told me that having the light on inside the car made it more difficult to see the road at night. That struck me as a reasonable-enough explanation… but unfortunately, he hadn’t been quite as eloquent when he’d explained things to my younger brother. “When the light is on,” he’d said at the time, “I can’t see where I’m driving. It’s just safer to have it off.”

    That oversight would eventually come back to bite him.

    Late one evening, as my family was halfway through a three-hour road-trip, we stopped at a drive-through for dinner. My father (who was driving) asked for my mother’s help in unwrapping his meal, which led her to turn on the overhead light. Flipping that switch also seemed to activate something in my brother, though, because he immediately launched into flailing panic.

    “Dad can’t see!” he screamed. “Dad can’t see the road!”

    The car swerved slightly as my father jumped with surprise. “Inside voice!” our mother shouted.

    My brother was visibly (and audibly) shaking as he answered. “B-b-but the light is on! We could go off the road!”

    “We could crash!” I helpfully chimed in.

    “*We could crash!*” repeated my brother.

    After I had been scolded for fanning the flames of my sibling’s freakout, my parents clarified the situation: Yes, it was more difficult to see the road while the interior illumination was active, but it wasn’t impossible. They even demonstrated as much, having my brother look out at the highway while our mother turned the lights on and off.

    The next several minutes were uneventful… until my father went to have a sip of his soda.

    I got in trouble again, that time for shouting “Dad is drinking and driving now!”

    **TL;DR: Sudden spark scares sibling; suggests surefire suffering.**

  4. My kids left all the interior lights on a few nights ago. Real fun getting out the door in the morning to a dead car battery.

  5. I don’t always say this…

    But when I do it’s not because I can’t see. It’s because I will inevitably forget to turn it off and kill the battery.

  6. I liked to read in the car, so my dad fashioned a kind of shield out of gaffer’s tape to direct the light toward me while avoiding getting the glare.

  7. So I’m seeing a lot of misunderstood comments about why our daddies do this but kids today don’t understand.

    Well children, let me take you on a short journey to the way back times, pre 2000s, cool?

    See, back then and further, normal family cars didn’t have super flat windshields like today’s modern vehicles do. Secondly, it wasn’t common to have anti glare/reflective properties in your windshield neither. Thirdly, your average street wasn’t as brightly lit, or quite often, wasn’t even lit with street lights at all.

    So the actual truth was that YES the little indoor light actually reflected off the windshield and diminished the view for the driver out the windshield.

    Furthermore, it did also diminish the rear view mirrors effectiveness. Because again, light reflected off these shiny surfaces and did in fact, blind yo daddies.

    Cool cool? Just imagine a more ‘upright’ windshield and how that would reflect the light straight back into the drivers eyes more than a flat windshield would. Basic physics, kids.

    Go Google some images of vehicles before 2000s and you’ll see how ‘boxy’ they were.

    There’s your TIL; cars weren’t of the same f*cking quality and standard they are today. So don’t try to compare your 2020 Tesla with a million dollar windshield to the piece of sh*tbox we drove in the 80s.


  8. I love to read and reading on a long road trip passes time well. My dad got a Chevy Caprice as a company car. The car had lights on the side above the doors. My dad let me turn one on to allow me read during night travel. That was awesome.

    I don’t know why those lights never caught on.

  9. This is one of those heredetary lies that seem to be genetically encoded in Dad DNA. My dad used to do this to us as kids, especially when we wanted to play our GameBoys in the backseat at night. After one incredibly tense exchange, I swore before everyone in the car that I’d never do this to my kids, **EVER**. My Dad grunted in his disapproving way, and went back to driving.

    Fast forward a few decades. We’re taking a trip down to Disney with my now-elderly father, and somewhere along the Interstate at night, my oldest decides she can’t see her 3DS (even with its backlit screen) and turns on the light. Instinctively I yell “Turn off that dang light, I can’t see the road!” and go back to driving. My dad just bursts out laughing. I ask him “What’s so funny?”

    He just looks at me, deadpan, and says “Oh, YOU know. **EVERRRRR!!!!**”in that trailing R. Next thing I know, he recants the earlier tale, and soon, everyone in the car is saying ‘EVERRRRR!!!’ repeatedly. Including my spouse. I grunt disapprovingly, and keep driving.

    Needless to say, the light stayed on.

  10. And this is why I played my Gameboy in between street lights. I was really dedicated to be the very best there ever was.

  11. When I was a kid, my parents told me it was illegal to turn the light on while driving and that we’d get pulled over if I kept doing it. I was in my early 20s hanging out with friends, they turned the light on and I said something like “What are you doing? Were going to get pulled over!” That’s when I realized I was lied to. Well played, mom and dad. Well played.

  12. Unpopular opinion: Comic strip not funny.

    I feel like all of the strips from this guy are just…everyday occurrences but like no punchline nothing, just frames of life drawn out. Like, I could do four frames of me making toast and the punchline frame would be the fourth one where I drop the butter knife. That would be a comic from this guy.

    Yeah yeah, downvote away

  13. I was always told that having the cab light on would cause you to get pulled over
    The reason being is that while driving you shouldn’t need it on. If you have it on then you’re distracted from driving because your doing something else.

  14. We drive a gigantic Sprinter van. One of my favorite features is a 3 position switch right next to the steering column. It has 3 modes:

    1) All interior lights off.
    2) All interior lights under the control of their own switches.
    3) All interior lights on.

    This switch should absolutely be standard on every vehicle.

  15. Because of this, I find people who just drive around with their interior lights on so unsettling. Like watching a scene from mindhunter. I compare them to mass murderers who fuck shoes.

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