37 thoughts on “Basically all the same, right?

  1. The Nissan contains a CVT transmission made by Jatco that will grenade itself in ~50,000miles (or 2.5 weeks after the warranty expires). The rest of them I’d consider buying if I wasn’t living my best life with 0 children to haul to soccer games.

  2. Part of the problem is that they are all using the same concept of aerodynamics, and they are all competing in the same markets and so have to be compliant with the same regulations regarding license plate placement, tail light placement and size, etc. They are trying to maximize space while getting good gas mileage, having enough head room, driving like a car, etc.

    The only differentiators are mechanical and interior, none of which you can see from this view.

  3. What’s the one way back there? It doesn’t appear to be on the list. Is it a Nissan? EDIT: Yep, it’s also a Nissan Rogue.

  4. You could say the same thing with every CUV in that class: Ford, Chevy, Toyota, Lexus, Acura, Honda, Kia, Hyundai…they all look identical nowadays.

  5. Go to a Chevrolet dealer and try to guess which model of shitty crossover is which. They all look the same. And there’s about 20 of them now.

  6. As the owner of one of these SUV typed can confirm I’ve attempted to get in the wrong vehicle more than once.

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