21 thoughts on “Be a patriot.

  1. Show veterans you don’t shit on their sacrifices and denounce the republican party and Trump now.
    It’s the american thing to do.

  2. As an Air Force Reservist, I expect 1000 motorboat tiddies for my service not done in the gulf. Sitting at a desk is very difficult work people! You can get carpal tunnel if you’re not careful!

  3. I’ll give em a hug and a handshake… and I think I’ll skip showing them my boobs, not cause I’m fat it’s cause I don’t wanna have to deal with vets wives and girlfriends

  4. To all the other vets out there, thank you for your service! I hope your inbox is as full of boobs as mine is sure to be in the next few minutes…

  5. Okay, since it’s the American thing to do, I showed my boobs to a veteran. But I think to be a GOOD American I really should give a veteran a bj too!

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