29 thoughts on “Beer and a snag!

  1. He was terrified for a brief moment there. Fucking Australia. Could’ve been anything. Venomous flying dingo or some shit.

  2. Yep I’ve seen a kookaburra swoop a snag straight off the barbie plate, then a currawong steal the snag by pecking the eyes out of the poor bastard.

  3. My brother used to have a Kookaburra that would visit his barbecues. But it wouldn’t accept anything less than steak. This one must be a poorer cousin.

  4. I picked a steak up off the grill in a national park in Sydney only to have it snatched out of my hand by a kookaburra.
    The interesting thing is, it had to do a hard left and a hard right (2 half barrel rolls?) To get around 2 people standing in the way.
    ODG was it quick

  5. This exact thing happened to me in NY. But it was a hot dog and a fucking pigeon. Flew up and dropped it from about 30ft in the air. Exploded everywhere and all it’s fucking friends just went to town on it, right in front of me.

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