28 thoughts on “bon appetit

  1. I always thought it was mean how they made the babies cry for photos, then I had a baby, now I wonder how they get them to smile and stop crying for photos!

  2. Your baby hates this though. Edit: read the comments looks like baby was grumpy for bedtime. Baby is just doing what babies do lol

  3. Ive seen so many of these this year. This is so weird to me lol, how is this cute? Pretending to boil our child alive is so adorable lol. Not being that guy I just honestly think its weird. Maybe because I hate the fact lobsters get boiled alive so I dont think its funny. Maybe i am that guy lol. Still seems weird. I saw one where the baby was actually in the pot on the stove, again crying. Am i really suppose to go “awww so cute” ? Lol. Lets dress kids up like cows and then we’ll pretend to slaughter them…. Hahahah hilarious? Alright bring on the downvotes lol, guess im a snowflake with this one lol. Truly dont get it.

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