28 thoughts on “Convinced our 3yo daughter that dressing up as tiger king is cooler than being Elsa

  1. Congratulations to you on making your kid dress up like a wannabe cultist leader instead of what they wanted… we should definitely give you upvotes for that

  2. As long as you realize that you took something from her for your own amusement and karma, that she doesn’t even understand, and you feel bad about it for the rest of your life 🙂

  3. Little girls like Disney princesses. The only way this makes sense is if she likes the tiger king too. Just go with the flow. She only gets one childhood

  4. “Would you like to be Tiger King instead of Elsa?”
    “You can put lil brother into the cage”

  5. So is your kid a big fan of Tiger King then?

    Lol, for real, this is sad and you should be at least a little ashamed at “convincing” your 3yold daughter for personal gain.

  6. “Told my child they can’t be what they want and instead be an outdated character from a big fad everyone stopped caring about months ago” so glad you prioritized internet points over your child’s happiness. Hope it was worth all the imaginary internet points.

  7. You think children are dressing up as historical figures and not characters from movies? Yeah Vikings didn’t wear the horns on their helmet either but a kid will dress as them and likely not rape and pillage the neighborhood. Is this comparison of a HALLOWEEN movie character even something I have to address? Can you just see how stupid that sounds?

  8. I think it’s hilarious. It’s funny people are critiquing his character when it’s the one day everyone dresses up as blood sucking Vampires, Serial Killers, and dead people whose diet consists of brains.

    Reddit is so ironically intolerant. Just because you have a sense of humor doesn’t make you a bad parent. I don’t care to get downvoted with you.

  9. Oh, for Goth’s sake… do you Americans have any fantasy at all… or is the Halloween “The national Tiger King day” now?

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