37 thoughts on “Deluxe Ski Jumping v1.7.0 came today, it allowed creation of custom hills. That’s what came to life few hours after premiere

  1. This game (series) is a legend. In like 2001 me and my brother bought this game by sending the programmer money by post. He sent us back the game on a floppy disk.

  2. Serious question. How did that sport come into existence? Who wasn’t thought it was a good idea to yeet off a cliff and try to land on their way to death?

  3. I clicked on the link expecting visions of ski jumping stick men perfectly in time with classical music…

    Fuck you.

    Did I honestly expect anything else?

  4. This would make the Olympics really more interesting. Imagine all the work involved becoming the world’s best in your sport, and this is the slope that is chosen. Guaranteed paralysis for the rest of your life if you still attempt to follow your dreams I’m so high right now.

  5. 1st rule of ski jumping: YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT SKI JUMPING!

    2nd rule of ski jumping: Look where you are going to land

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