40 thoughts on “Found this gem at university surplus.

  1. These are for practicing catheter insertions, pelvic exams, etc. I’ve put a catheter or two into one of these bad boys.

  2. I just finished nursing school in may. These mannequins area all sorely abused. The genitalia is swappable so that students can practice various sex-specific procedures. We have them of various racial makes. It was not uncommon to enter the lab and be assigned a bed with a black male mannequin and then pull back the covers and it would have the white vagina piece.

  3. Just make sure it s sanitary, then, throw a wig on it and have your fun. That vaginal canal might be a bit short, but you won’t notice.

  4. Oh man, the interchangeable dirty bits on those things are so bizarre. It allows the nursing to learn how to use a catheter… but they’re somehow worse and more awkward than the real thing.

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