12 thoughts on “Funny

  1. I was more annoyed when Reddit was down for a half hour today. Didn’t even know YouTube was down until the memes rolled in.

  2. It was down for more than 30 minutes, but didn’t bother me much.. for me it went down around 6pm eastern and wasn’t working again until around 9pm .. I just enjoyed going on twitter watching people losing their mind then watched some content on my own media server for a bit until it was back up.

    Sure I was hoping to catch up on my subscriptions since I have been too busy to check in for a few days but I just found other things to do.. It was almost more entertaining reading some of the insane tweets from people who obviously don’t know how to live without it.

  3. I was playing in VR.

    Came back to the flat screen to find the entire internet screaming about YouTube being down.

    Went to YouTube to see for myself and it loaded just fine.

    I guess I missed all the chaos.

  4. There was legitimately someone in a thread who said if YouTube was only down in the United States it could be a precursor of an attack.

    Because freaking YouTube went down for a little bit

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