28 thoughts on “He LIES. I can confirm.

  1. Backstory: Cornbread was sheltered at 11 years old after his owners got a kitten and he didn’t get along with the new cat. He weighed 20 pounds and was taken into the office part of the shelter to allow him to work off his weight. After about a year, he was made into an office cat and enjoys being at the shelter with his new family. He’s now 13, is well cared for, and lost weight!

  2. Cornbread is the mascot of the Haywood County Animal Shelter in North Carolina and will ask anyone for a treat. That’s why they have a feeding sign off list in the offices. He will also patrol the entire place like it’s his kingdom if he’s allowed to escape.

  3. Cats are total liars! Our Sophie begs husband each morning for her normal breakfast. Once I’m up, OMG it is like she’s never eaten in days BUT SHE JUST ATE 20 MINUTES AGO! It is a catrastophe!

  4. My cats come upstairs and cry right after my husband feeds them. I will go, “oh my poor babies! Daddy didn’t feed you.” He sti defends himself. I have to remind him that I also feed the cats and they go to him and cry after when I do. I am just teasing the kitties, lol.

  5. I don’t know what it is about naming pets after bread related treats but that shit tickles me good.

    Cornbread, Biscuit, Muffin, Waffles…all great names.

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