25 thoughts on “He really tapped like he was in distress

  1. “Human! Help me! I require someone to open this door immediately so I can sit on the passenger seat and decide if I want to be inside or outside while you hold it open”

  2. I put a sign like this up in my van too for my cat. Cats just love pawing at glass as people go by, or birds… Or random leafs lol

  3. A few years ago my parents went on vacation, and they asked me to watch their dog, a husky mix. So I went and picked him up from my parent’s house, and on the drive back to my place I had to pee. I stopped at a gas station, and in the 90 seconds I was inside asking for the key to the bathroom, that damn husky had been howling so bad there were four people gathered around my car debating on if they should break the window to let him out.

    90 goddam seconds.

    I didn’t even get to pee, I just opened the shop door, tossed the key back to the cashier, and hopped in the car and finished the drive home. I spent the last 30 minutes of the drive trying not pee my pants, while a husky shoved his snout in my armpit.

    Long story short, pets are dramatic assholes.

  4. My cats get fed every day around 5pm. We don’t have a designated cat feeder person, its just whoever happens to remember. They get fed every day, that’s not the issue. The issue is that they’re little con artists and they’ll come begging for food from someone else even after they’ve been fed — so some days, they get fed twice.

    We caught on to their little bullshit antics, and have since placed labeled ziplocs in the kitchen drawer, “Sunday” through “Saturday” to make sure they’re not getting over fed. As much as we love the chonkers of the internet, we’re much more interested in our cats being healthy and happy — and that means no double feedings!

    Certainly doesn’t stop them from trying, though — the little bastards.

  5. Maybe just wants attention. There’s a cat that lives in a salon near me, and every time I went by (when they were closed), the cat would paw at the glass and cry. It broke my heart, but it was clearly a healthy cat. Once I walked by while the place was open, so I went in, and that same cat was **all over me**, purring up a storm. The owner explained that the cat just really loves people and can’t get enough attention.

  6. People are INSANE about animals in cars. We were on a road trip with our two dogs and a new born. The baby had a diaper explosion and we had to go into a Walmart to clean up. The dogs were in the car with 1. Water 2. Windows rolled down 3. Plenty of room to lay down 4. A note saying they are fine with a time stamp when we wrote it. We were gone less than 15 minutes and the cops were waiting for us along with several old people demanding we be arrested. The cops gave us a warning and apologized for having to do that because the watchers were out for blood.

  7. Plot twist: driver’s dead body is hidden behind the driver’s seat. As are the bodies of the last 3 people to try to help the cat. Cat wrote the note, they’re masters of reverse psychology.

    Don’t fall for it.

  8. “Cat is a liar”? Name calling does not ensure me of your version of events, my guy/gal. Now I wanna hear the cat’s side. Someone break the window.

  9. Happened to me the other day: crossed paths with a couple of ladies seeing a pooch in a car and worried about it’s welbeing. This was not in Arizona mind you. Late afternoon, nice weather. The owner was probably around close by and the dog could comfortably sit there for hours. People worries tho. About pets: if it is a person on the sidewalk they just move along…

  10. Once you understand that cats are liars seduced by slow-blinking, you’ll have a much easier time dealing with them.

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