34 thoughts on “Hey Gabe

  1. If Gabe had been half listening he coulda said ‘babe’ and provocatively winked, hopefully terminating all future enquiries from the professor.

  2. Gabe: “lamp”

    Teacher: “The word that rhymes with Gabe that you chose to introduce yourself is ‘lamp’?”

    Gabe: “Yeah, Gabe is short for Gabriel.”

  3. Gabe is racking up debt or paying for college (where they have professors) and playing Minecraft instead of listening to the lecture. Gabe will soon replace ‘lamp’ with, Gabe from State Farm. XD

  4. I don’t get this– dude wasn’t paying attention and got called out. This is funny? I imagine this is a daily occurrence in Zoom School? Does this joke relate to the video going on? Why do I have to watch a 42 second video to read like 10 lines of text.

    I think I’m missing something.

  5. I’d like to give the person that thought up the whole contrived whimsical nonsense for online meetings an atomic wedgie.

    Last one for us was “recite a single line from your favourite poem”. 60+ people stammering over some poem they panic searched for on google isn’t my idea of a productive way to spend 20 minutes of a 30 minute meeting.

    I usually feign a loss of connectivity until a coworker back channel DMs me that the coast is clear.

  6. Nice! So surf maps still exist in CS:GO?

    I havent played any since CS:Source, but i know there are still a couple servers around.

    It seemed like they went through a rough patch for a bit, where servers just couldnt get the settings right for this to be playable

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