26 thoughts on “His first hit of Coca-Cola

  1. I’ve had a couple of friends let their kids try their soda when they won’t stop asking and more than not they say “that’s SPICY” because of the carbonation lol

  2. For the first few years of my life, I thought soda was called “more”, because whenever my mother would offer me some, she would follow up with, “Would you like some more?”

  3. And this is probably why so many kids are obese and have diabetes nowadays. Their idiot parents give them drinks like coke, to film them for karma whoring no less, when they are still far too young, setting them up for a lifetime of sugar addiction.

  4. Perfect video as to why to not drink Coke. It’s hyperpalateable and jam packed with sugar; way more sugar than jam in fact. Couple that with carbonation and caffeine and you’ve got an addictive sauce.

    People’s lives are so sugar saturated it’s scary. Drink water and the occasional juice peeps

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