38 thoughts on “Hope everyone had a great Halloween except that bitch Carole Baskin

  1. Can you imagine how surreal it would be to be locked up and have a bunch of people dress up as you for halloween?!

    What a time to be alive!

  2. I don’t know where ppl are going with their damn comments- but I thought the little baby tiger on the leash is hysterical once I realized it was there! Lol 🐅

  3. I was kinda getting sick of these Joe Exotic costumes but that caption and the little baby tiger on the leash just totally had me dying. 😂

  4. Is the Tiger King costume this years equivalent of Harley Quinn?

    I’ve been seeing a ton of posts/pics and it’s kinda starting to seem like it.

  5. Spent over $100 on a Zoidberg costume. Including some pretty medieval looking medical gear, and a Nibbler handbag (the creators of which really f’d up not making the opening his mouth) Spent Halloween in hospital waiting for doctor to relocate my shoulder. Costume completely unused. 2020 can go suck a duck dick for all I care.

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