34 thoughts on “I found this on FB. Courtesy of Quick Turtle.

  1. I believe this was a Jerry Reed song, off his Red Hot Pecker album of 1975 (RCA). I preferred Elvis’s rendition of Jerry’s ‘Guitar Man’, featuring Jerry feathering that guitar with his fingers.

  2. No one that has suffered this brutal, excruciatingly vicious ailment on a fishing trip in Canada two miles from camp, at age 12, is laughing.

  3. 🎶 *I jumped strait up*

    *About died of fright*

    *Snagged my balls in my zipper last night*

    *Snagged my fuckin’ balls in my zipper… Snagged my fuckin’ balls in my zipper*

    *Snagged my fuckin’ balls in my zipper I say Jesus……… Fuckin’ Christ* 🎶

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