37 thoughts on “I guess that means no more weekly meetings in the bathroom stalls…

  1. Another reason for the positive side of the ‘why work from home list.” Although my dog pushes his way in every time. But it’s just me and him.

  2. My mom and dad used to come to the bathroom with me when I was younger to ensure “no funny business” occurred. When I turned 18, I finally convinced them I would be ok on my own.

  3. I mean, I’d be having a shit at work in a cubicle and all the managers would walk in together to group piss while still chatting about the meeting the just had. They could all have been pissing in the same urinal for all I know

  4. There are women at my workplace that take break in the bathroom. They even eat lunch in there. They will nap on the floor. It’s fucking disgusting, but not my deal.

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