16 thoughts on “I made this lunchbox for myself. So far I’ve had 3 strangers ask where I got it

  1. wait, where do you get a blank metal lunchbox? Never mind, found it on, would you believe it, lunchbox.com. This site is freaking awesome! Going to make me a Smokey and the Bandit one!

  2. Kenny: Jimmy Messina, how she blowin’?

    Jimmy: F*ck you, Loggins! I’m f*cked up. Why’d ya do this to me? Why’d ya kick me outta the band?

    Michael: This is getting to real. This is gonna be me, I know it!

    Kenny: Come on, everybody! Everything’s smooooth! Jimmy, Jimmy remember the good times? [singing] Whenever I call you friend. I begin to think I understand. Anywhere we are…

    Jimmy: [Vomits] You sh*tty music making me barf, Log-ins!

    Classic Level: 100


  3. I shopped the design together from a couple different album covers and got it printed at YouCustomizeIt. I was actually torn between making this or a Joe Don Baker one but this one won.

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