27 thoughts on “I troll my husband by turning the toilet paper roll in the direction he hates. This is the note he left me.

  1. End bathroom fights forever:

    Toilet paper is supposed to roll OVER not only is that on the patent, but it also mean less touching of the roll and spreading of germs.

    Toilet seat AND lid should both be put down regardless of gender. Flushing with the lid open flings germs everywhere! And no one falls in.

    You’re welcome

  2. My wife is very anal about this.

    Every so often I put the toilet paper roll on opposite to what she prefers, unroll it a few spins, then carefully fold it and wrap it back up giving the illusion it’s going in the direction she prefers.

    Let that marinade for a bit, wait for the “for fuck sakes Chatner!”, giggle like a school girl.

  3. There was a girl on a dating site who took a photo in her bathroom that showed she placed the toilet paper closest to the wall. She said 23 guys contacted her simply to tell her she was placing the toilet paper the wrong way.

  4. You should purposely put it “the wrong way” and put a mysterious brown smear on the note, I recommend a melted chocolate

  5. I get super annoyed when someone puts a roll on the wrong way, however, someone pointed out that when you have kids it will save a lot of unreeled roll. Same with kittens I assume!? Any cat parents out there?

  6. I have never understood this. Do people seriously have trouble grabbing the end of the toilet paper because it’s 3 inches closer or further away from the wall? Am I just like a superhero with 99th percentile dexterity? Where, how and why is this ever a problem for anyone under 90 with a cerebellum and a functioning hand.

  7. My husband can’t form a complete sentence, let alone a grammatically correct paragraph on a post-it! Husband goals.

  8. This is on some “per my last email” level of passive aggressive. I have to give your husband a point in this round. He earned it.

  9. One long weekend at my grandparents started a battle about which way the toilet paper roll should hang. The whole weekend if you went in there and it wasn’t in the “right” position you would switch it until the next person not in your camp came to use the facilities. It came out a few years later that my great uncle was going in there and just switching the roll the other way since he didn’t have a dog in that fight and really just wanted to stir things up.

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