45 thoughts on “I’m in a glass case of emotion

  1. I went there, had a friend take a picture of me leaning like the tower, sort of like the tower and I are vertical, the surrounding area is leaning. Cute picture, but I can’t find it… Darn paper photos.

  2. I think H. P. Lovecraft has a short story about a dude getting trapped in the invisible labyrinth. A quite unsettling concept if you think about it.

  3. Okay this is good 😂🤣 I’m SO over seeing tourist pictures of giza cause they’re all the same. Now I have something to giggle about when I’m see them

  4. What is it about things like this that cause some people to look at everyone doing the same thing and makes them say, “I have to do this too!” Whereas with people like me, we see things like this and say, “I’ll never do this!”

  5. Visited this with a gang of girlfriends about twenty years ago. One of them was walking ahead and saw it before us. She turned and loudly exclaimed ‘F*ck me, that IS bent!!’

    Classy European holiday 😊

  6. Rumor has it, that due to Covid 19, no tourists have been there to hold it up and it has finally toppled over. It is now known as the Fallen Tower of Pisa.

  7. I have been there and barely made it out alive it is a gruesome sight and they bury the bodies in the caverns under the leaning tower of Pisa the true end to the maze

  8. The foundation has been fixed, so the tower will not fall, yet it was intentionally not straightened then due to the “silly tourist” benefits.

  9. Also, there are no railings in the tower and it is seriously slippery from so many who have walked those steps, so I would not be surprised if people fell and died in that tower every year

  10. Ok guys, where are we going to hold the Mime Artists’ convention this year?
    Not fucking Pisa again, remember we couldn’t tell ourselves apart from those goddamn tourists.
    Mmmm, ok, how about the pyramids?

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