23 thoughts on “I’m tryna learn russian and to no surprise I’m failing.

  1. Did Russian on Duolingo some time ago too. It made me translate “why do you want to go to the west?” and “sorry, I don’t have my papers”.

  2. Do not get upset, comrade. You can cut down trees without knowing the Russian language.
    With respect, your future friends from labor camp.

  3. So what’s a problem? Initial phrase in Russian consist of 3 words:
    Вот = here is
    Наш = our
    Хлеб = bread.

    No problems there, tovarish

  4. I can help you if you want it ^)

    And look. “Вот наш хлеб”=”Here is our bread”.
    “Вот хлеб” = “Here is bread”.

  5. A yes Russian, the language where no matter how good you are you’ll never impress a Russian for knowing their language.

  6. Serious question reddit: why are communism memes okay but nazi memes aren’t? Communism killed a hell of a lot more people but it’s totally okay and hip to make memes about it. Why is this?

  7. Хлеб всему голова.
    Кто хочет подучить русский?
    Я вот хочу пообщаться с иностранцем для практики английского взамен могу научить русскому, местами матерному)

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