50 thoughts on “Instagram Vs Reality

  1. Definitely looks hotter in reality. Love my girls big and bushy. Preferably with a penis and flat rock hard boobs. Yeah

  2. This would work if reversed, too – he dressed as tall, outdoorsy man, reality is shorter, less “manly”. Lol.

  3. Two cousins that work with me did a similar costume. “Filter vs no filter”. You can tell they are related. they have all the same features but one is obviously hotter and thinner than the other. I felt bad for the “no filter” cousin. The company posted pictures of the two next to each other all over social media. I just wonder who’s idea it was and why no one thought it was mean for the ugly, heavy cousin. The hot cousin shouldn’t have agreed to do it.

  4. What age range does Instagram mostly appeal to?

    I honestly don’t know a lot about it, but am I correct that people use it to convince others that they are living a happier life (money, glamour, face paint) than they really are? Like self-promotion?

  5. It literally looks like he is literally at a larger scale. Like he’s a full scale and she’s a smaller version. It isn’t even the clothing either.

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