29 thoughts on “It happens a lot

  1. Not bad when it’s your toilet. Try having it splash up when you’re in a porta potty. Makes you want to soak your ass in bleach for a few hours. If rather wear thrift store underwear than have that shit happen again.

  2. Poseidon’s kiss, oh Poseidon’s kiss

    Not normally an experience of pure bliss

    You kissed my arse to my dismay

    Only just the other day

    You see today, I sat on this porcelain throne

    Wondering “Where are you now?” Make yourself known

    I sat here ever so burning with desire

    But in more ways than one for my arse was on fire

    I felt as though I would explode from deep down inside

    I had to get it all out and I ever so tried

    I pushed as hard as I possibly could

    It shot out of my arse and it was gone for good

    I waited in anticipation after I heard the plop

    For some relief in the form of a water drop

    The feeling of relief came over me quick

    For Poseidon’s kiss had done the trick

    It was not only a kiss but one of pure bliss

    Poseidon’s kiss, oh Poseidon’s kiss.

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