45 thoughts on “It’s the one year anniversary of my wife’s breast cancer diagnosis, so I made her a special breakfast

  1. I didn’t expect my silly joke to be met with controversy, so a little back story:

    TL;DR She is cancer free after a mastectomy and reconstruction, but the anniversary of the diagnosis date was still going to hit hard so I started the day on a good note

    The day my wife was diagnosed was one of the hardest days of her life, so I knew the anniversary would be hard too. She suffers from depression, and like so many others who do her brain latches on to painful memories and anniversaries and doesn’t let go. I’ve learned with her that by replacing bad anniversaries with good memories she doesn’t get sad on the days.

    She loved these, thought it was funny and sweet, and now we’re having a good day instead of a sad one. She was touched that I remembered and because she also has a dark sense of humor she thought the pancakes were cute.

    And for the record, I’m honoring her new, post-reconstruction boobs, not the ones she lost.

  2. Why does this remind me of the episode of southparks where they use cats as drugs. But for real, real happy for OPs wife.

    Edit: okay, I misread the title, thought it said she beat cancer. Not just anniversary of her diagnosis. I mean the best for OPs wife.

  3. Life Pancake Tip: If you melt a little butter on the griddle then rub the pan like you’re waxing a car you’ll get that nice smooth, even brown surface on the pancakes.

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