34 thoughts on “I’ve never been so jealous of a pet’s state of mind

  1. Walked into our dining room to find our cat like this. I’m not sure there’s any amount of Xanax that could get me to this level of zen right now.

  2. Oh so when the cat lays next to the window sprawled out naked it’s “adorable” and “so relaxed” but when I do it I’m “a crazed public nuisance” and “shouldn’t live in the apartment across the street from the elementary school”

  3. This cat looks like it loves Monday, as a Garfield fan, I cannot approve of your cats behavior. And so to you, I say good day!

  4. I just got diagnosed with shingles last night for the first time and I’ve had 4 hours of sleep in 3 days because it is located on the back and side of my skull.. I would give my left nut to be able to be this cat right now.

  5. When I grew up I found a stray kitten that my parents wanted no part of. We already had 2 cats and 3 was too much. I convinced them and got to keep him. I named him Lucky, because he and I both were.

    My parents were never in a good marriage. At least not as long as I can remember. Always fighting, screaming, giving each other shit. One day they decided to announce to us they’d get a divorce. Though I was longing for a home (or two) without the constant stress and tension of fighting parents, the news hit hard.

    I went to my room to be alone and found my cat in this exact pose. Then and there I decided that just like Lucky, I couldn’t change much and thus shouldn’t worry. The cat was a legend.

  6. This isn’t your ordinary, everyday relaxation.


    Seriously, cats only sprawl out like this, belly up, if they’re feeling 110% safe and secure.

  7. I sometimes wonder why I bother with yoga, I just need to learn from my cats.

    It”s like your cat is flaunting how chilled it is, as if its saying “ah yes, there you are with all your conerns about work, bills, relationships, the economy, your health, must suck to be you!”

  8. I often think about how good is to be a domestic cat or dog. When I get home to my cat and two dogs, they are just so happy, they slept all day, had plenty of food available, no worries at all. That’s it, I want to be a cat.

  9. Oh, sure, the cat lays on the table naked its all chill and cute but when I try I just get horrified looks and removed from Denny’s in handcuffs.

  10. my big boy Upgrayedd does this all the time. funny how he exposes his belly all the time yet when you try to get him to jump into your lap it takes him about 5 mins of suspiciously staring at you before deciding its not a trap

  11. Oh sure, but when I do this on my desk at work, I get called into my boss’ office to discuss my “attitude”.

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