30 thoughts on “meteor [OC]

  1. Meteoroid when in space.

    Meteor when falling through the atmosphere.

    Meteorite when it survives the fall and lands on the ground.

  2. Hey mates. This is from my webcomic [Sedna](http://www.sednacomics.com/), about a girl who loves space.

    For those wondering, the boy isn’t an anti-intellectual snob or anything, he’s just a bit more interested in dinosaurs than space. This is a 100% pro-science-geekery comic.

  3. Not annoying. Wrong partner. A true match would really appreciate that and nerd out on it with her. The girl on the hill will find her true match one day!

  4. People should be thankful when given accurate information; instead they often react in repulsion. That makes me sad.

  5. It’d probably be better if she would have started with “Wanna know something interesting about “shooting stars”?”

    That way it wouldn’t come off as smartass-ery

    This alone sounds like smartass stuff, which would disinterest a lot of folks.

    *Yes, admit it, you’d feel shut down by stuff like this. You don’t have to kiss ass to be accepted in society, guys.*

  6. This is me in a nutshell. People say I’m smart but I’m not really I just know a lot of information that is useless by itself so not really helpful. But yeah I’m fairly sure people find it annoying too

  7. It’s unfortunate if your SO finds your intelligence annoying. It just means they themselves are unintelligent. I feel so many relationships fall through because people don’t really trust in their partner’s experience and knowledge, it really hurts 🙁

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