12 thoughts on “Meteorologist

  1. Reminds me of my first time seeing snow. I had recently joined the military and were required to march in formation everywhere we went. The paths were covered ice. There were 15 of us the class and 3 of us had never seen snow or had to walk on ice. It was a 1.5 mile march each way. Common sense says to forego marching and walk normally. We don’t do that. So the 3 us had to have busted our asses on the ice at least a few dozen times.

  2. I worked at a ski hill where a local and her friend from China came in one shitty night. It was the friend’s last day in Canada before going home and she wanted to ski. It was raining. She didn’t care. Fitted her with rentals (including clothes) put a clear plastic poncho over everything, dragged an unwilling victim aka ski instructor out of the staff lounge and out the door they went. 4 hours later she was back with the biggest grin on her face! the instructor told us that although they could barely speak to each other, the laughs and smiles kept them happy. Snow is the universal translator of recreational happiness.

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