41 thoughts on “My friends and I built a catapult to launch candy to kids that couldn’t go trick or treating this year (full story in comments)

  1. Am I the only one who thought they were going to shoot that first parcel right through the front of the house they were aiming at?

  2. Okay, it’s actually a candy ***trebuchet*** (the superior siege weapon), but we started calling it a catapult because a lot of families didn’t know what a trebuchet was.

    It took a weekend to build and obviously we did a bunch of testing to make sure it wouldn’t take out a limb or anything. We pre-packaged all the candy into goodie bags and of course we all tested negative for COVID. Super safe! The biggest problem we had was accidentally throwing candy on someone’s roof.

    If you want to watch the full video you can find it here: [https://youtu.be/uiSwVtZPzdQ](https://youtu.be/uiSwVtZPzdQ)

  3. When that little dude said “thank you!” my heart completely melted. Our youngest son is on the autism spectrum and he has a really hard time talking and that’s what he sounds like.

    You guys did something really special for those kids, great job!

  4. I will always upvote a fellow candy-flinger. Built a 12ft tall model 15+ years ago with my dad and friends that we would use at the local medieval faire to throw candy for the kids. I have to say, ancient siege engines never get old!

  5. I hope some of the stuff that came from this pandemic sticks around. A lot of human compassion that isn’t seen on the news.

  6. You guys are awesome! Those kids are going to remember you forever… ‘hey, do you remember that Halloween when we were not allowed to go for trick or treat and two crazy guys came in a truck and catapulted candy to our yard? That was awesome!’

  7. You guys are the best! I mean that. The happiness you gave kids that have had to deal with suck an adult level time these past several months is so huge. I wish the world was filled with more people like you.

  8. That’s the coolest thing i saw in a long time you guys can shot a catapult at other people’s homes and in the same time cheer up the neighborhood so it’s kind of a win win situation for everyone. That’s just so nice to see 😁👍

  9. That’s great, you can tell the kids loved it! Awesome work, bringing a little positivity in these trying times

  10. My favorite game, “try to take a kids head off with candy”. I’ve been doing it all wrong by just chucking full size snickers at foos.

  11. OMG I can’t describe how much I respect you Guys and what you did! We need people like you in 2020 more than ever! 😀

  12. It’s a candyapult, a catapult would toss what? Exactly.

    Also, everyone knows the treatbuchet is the superior tool

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