25 thoughts on “My friends and I did 8 different Britney Spears in drag for Halloween this year. #freebritney

  1. Creeped out by the eyes. Like 8 aliens who only studied Britney Spears when trying to figure out how to blend in with humans. Nailed the outfits but the glowing eyes give you away!

  2. The MF bending down look scary AF .imagine waking up in the middle of the night to pee and he is standing at the end of the hall……omg

  3. Why do drag queens love Britney so much? I’ve seen a lot of Ru Paul (peripherally…girlfriend) and she gets mentioned a lot.

  4. I’m too busy figuring out which Britney is which, and then I’m like…… hold up, those are men. Laughing so hard at myself. I love it. I’m just slow.

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