42 thoughts on “My kids losing it over a random T-Rex squad

  1. Those kids are just the right age for that to be awesome and not frightening. Looks like they had a great time!

  2. Seen a group of them in our neighborhood.. followed by a kid dressed up as an asteroid. Wish i would have grabbed a pic.

  3. Jesus Christ, you Americans talk about how trump is causing the country to have horrible amounts of covid cases, but you morons still do this shit.

  4. Okay, but why is no one wearing masks while standing half a metre away from your kids?

    Edit: I see the plastic, but it is too late. I have proven to be blind

  5. OUr neighbor’s dog lost his mind at my costume (also T-Rex). He is a really old dog, and none of us have ever heard him bark but we did that night!

  6. There was a group of guys in dinosaur costumes at wear i live and they also had a baby with them in a baby dinosaur costume

  7. It’s not really random if this was on Halloween. If these guys showed up at your door in the middle of March then yes, this is a very random T-Rex squad.

  8. Lol I love how Reddit is like oh no! Covid! Covid! Don’t trick or treat and then you see this with no masks, no gloves and y’all are eating it up. Pick a fucking narrative

  9. I saw a kid in one of these when I was out with my son. The poor kid was just a tad too small for the costume and wasn’t able to really see his feet. Watching him try his best to do stairs and not faceplant was the funniest shit I saw that night.

  10. Literally pathetic all these terrified COVID posts, ESPECIALLY the ones about how risky it is for the kids. Keep flattening the curve guys I think we’re still short hospital beds and ventilators..

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