30 thoughts on “Nebraska Spiderman

  1. Spiderman, spiderman, lives inside his spidervan

    Always sweaty, out of breath

    Possibly he’s high on meth

    Look out! Nebraska Spider-Man.

    This is comic a collab between myself and Elder Cactus.

    He is awesome and has a subreddit: /r/eldercactus

    I’m ehhhh but I also have on: r/skeletonclaw

  2. As a Nebraskan I can say this is incorrect. We would have given up half way through and said “I could have saved her”

  3. Wait wait, I’m confused. Wasn’t Ohio the one with no buildings? Or was it Iowa? Wyoming? I’m confusing myself now.

  4. It IS funny how people only ever seem to get superpowers in large cities in the comics. Having lived in Nebraska briefly, I think “Cornhusker Spidey” would probably have learned to use his webbing to create sails and wind-surfed his way to crime scenes.

  5. I think if he were in the Midwest, he’d get around by wind parachutes.. Limiting where he can get to, but much faster than running.

  6. The second tallest building in the Midwest (behind the Sears tower in Chicago) is in Omaha.

    (Oh and Italian Spider-Man -“shut up pussycat and make me a macchiato”- has some competition)

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