34 thoughts on “Neuralink

  1. “You kids are so clever… I just don’t know how you do these silly things. Would you like some kool-aid? It might taste a little bitter… if so, just drink it faster.”

  2. This is a joke, but the Ghost in the Shell series called Stand Alone Complex deals with cybercrime in a future where people are integrated with computers. It’s a really pragmatic look at a cybernetic future that’s only a touch less dark than Black Mirror.

  3. Zach –

    You ok buddy? Those last few comics this week were really, REALLY *dark*.

    (And funnier than shit, but hey!)

  4. This makes me think of a short story I read for school where everyone can erase select memories at will only the main character took it too far and erased her whole brain. God I wish I could remember the title, I’d love to read it again.

  5. Joke’s on them, she actually hacked their neuralinks making them believe they had succeeded in hacking hers. You see, she grew up with this tech.

  6. Ugh… totally unbelievable.

    Those little fucks would have replaced Grandpa’s head with an image of a old man’s scrotum, balls, and a sad, sad veiny snake of a cock.

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