38 thoughts on “Nice Clerks reference in Denver this morning

  1. Interesting fact about that film. They were only allowed to shoot in the store at night after it closed. They had the shutters down in the movie so it wouldn’t be obviously night time when filming inside.

  2. Is this funny? If feels bad, if the democrats lose they will probably loot and destroy those people’s businesses and properties. Tough time to be a small business owner.

  3. Soooo. You want me to vote for the guy that has a following that will destroy cities if he loses?? Nah, that’s now how life works. You threaten to destroy my property and steal my possessions?? Ok ok. I’ll stand here with my middle finger 🖕 up in the air letting you know that I don’t give a fuck about your feelings!!!

    TRUMP 2020!!!!

  4. Thats not funny at all. Why are people joking around with all the boarding up. If a countries politics have devolped into stores boarding up to prepare for riots after elections results then something is really wrong with the people of the country. They shouldn’t even be in a position to fear riots. Its incredibly saddening and despicable. How have we allowed this type of behavior to form in the first place? It is incredibly embarrassing.

  5. I’m 31 and recently watched this and it was GREAT. It made me wish I could be a young adult in the early 90s for a few days

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