11 thoughts on “Not the best photo haha, but some friends and I went as ‘The Three Musketeers’ for Halloween, with a funny twist.

  1. BTW, I am in the Middle, my Friend with his candy bag covering his sword, his name is u/Jabber1001, and the other person does not have a Reddit account as far as I know.

  2. Not sure what the twist is but I really like the photo. Anyway keep looking after the other two and stop feeding the dog.

  3. Like… Nice costumes and all, but do you think you should be trick or treating during a pandemic? I also only see you friend wearing a mask – granted I still think taking sweets/candy from piles that other people have touched is a little sketch. I don’t mean to be a buzz kill but I don’t really agree this is a very wise thing to do.

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