12 thoughts on “Number 1 or Number 2

  1. The lesson I’m trying to get across here is that you should always use the facilities before entering a magical labyrinth.

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  2. that seems like a pretty easy dilemma to solve. If the doors only speak the truth or only lie then ask each one a simple math question like 2+2. After that you’d clearly know which one to trust.

  3. You only get to ask once. You ask ”Where would the other door guide me?”

    Or phrased as a yes/no it gets tricky: ”would the other door tell me YOU are the bathroom door?”

  4. FR, like I dont need a freaking riddle to find your bathroom, just tell me its down the hall not, “Take 34 steps northwest of the top of the shadow that’s cast from the spire at 2:32 am”

  5. Oh this one is simple, ask each of them, in turn, if they are the door that lies. The door that says yes is the door that lies, 100%

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